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Cristiano Ronaldo and the Greatest World No. 2s in Football History

Every generation of football is blessed with some brilliant players.

From the Diego Maradonas to the Peles, to the Zidanes and Messis, every generation has players that are simply the greatest. Every generation has names that are synonymous with the sport itself, and their legacies will go down in the record books forever.

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KingPin3339d ago

article is a joke.

ronaldinho a no.2?

does this guy even watch football or does he get his education from football memes?

boxer19853339d ago

NO. Hes just aware of a certain player named Zinedine Zidane back then

KingPin3339d ago

fanboys pick number 1s and number 2s.

football fans have tiers.
ie tier 1: zidane, ronaldinho, pele, maradona, messi, ronaldo, etc
tier 2: xavi, iniesta, rooney, cantona, zola, garrincha, etc
you get the drift.

but hey, you keep thinking players like ronaldo and ronaldinho are number 2s. whatever helps you sleep peacefully at night buddy.

p_bateman3339d ago

Give it a rest already, Messi is the best player, only madrid and man u fan's think otherwise.