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Has Jurgen Klinsmann Been a Success or Failure as Manager of the USMNT?

BR - Over the past week, the United States men’s national team picked up a vital four points in their effort towards World Cup qualification with a 1-0 home win over Costa Rica and a 0-0 draw away to Mexico.

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Infernostew3344d ago

If this squad that he's coaching had any talent then maybe he'd be real successful but that's not the case. Hopefully he can start some younger guys in there that can develop into a decent side.

Thefreeman0123344d ago

the fact that there are very few established squad members. and very few US players that have any real quality i dont think that it is mostly his fault. however at somepoint he needs to stick to his guns and have a set number of players he looks to use. I cant tell you how many games ive watched where I was wondering who half the players on the team were