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Highlights: Paris Saint Germain 2-2 Barcelona ( UEFA Champions League 02/04/2013 )

[0-1] L. Messi - 38'
[1-1] Z. Ibrahimovic - 80'
[1-2] X. Hernandez (pen.) - 90'
[2-2] B. Matuidi - 90'

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SadeckJaffal3589d ago

Wow that's gonna be interesting cuz mascherano won't play and puyol is injured and maybe messi won't play too.
And the last goal , no one was expecting it
I think PSG have chance to qualifie more if messi don't play cuz we saw the difference between the first and the second half

wantedboys3588d ago

Rumor that messi is out for three weeks

KingPin3588d ago

well this was unexpected.

but i still think barca have the upperhand given that they have 2 away goals and a home leg coming up next.

even if messi doesn't play <though i think he will be fit by then> barca still have the stronger team.

but it will be interesting. the tie is still up in the air at the moment.

Corepred43588d ago

I think you might be forgetting that Barca isn't playing their best at the moment. Even at home I don't know how you can say Barca have the upperhand

Ben Dover3588d ago

Did you already forget the match against Milan? They lost 2-0 away but absolutely demolished Milan at home..

asmith23063588d ago

They hammered Milan when they "weren't at their best". They were pure class that game, so if that wasn't their best then it's a scary thought. PSGs first goal was a joke too.

zeddy3588d ago

dont think psg can do anything at the camp nou, even without messi barca will do it. but how good was thiago silva tonight, he was amazing, and to think i actually thought psg paid too much for him.

wantedboys3588d ago

the reason Barcelona won 4-0 against Milan because yes Barcelona played their best but also Milan help them they played their wore game ever they did not even know how pass a ball