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Highlights: Juventus 0-2 Bayern Munich (Agg 0-4) (UEFA Champions League QF 2nd Leg 10/04/2013)

0-1 Mandzukic 64'
0-2 Pizarro 90'

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Sahil3580d ago

Bayern v Barcelona with a Champions League final at stake could be heaven, please happen!

asmith23063580d ago

Really disappointed with juve. This is a harsh lesson for them. I'm hoping for an el classico final now.

Thefreeman0123579d ago

Just my opinion but that sounds really dull. they already play 4 times a year..why do we need another

maxi1313579d ago

An el classico final will be epic. Trust me it'll be different than a La Liga el classico. Nevertheless, I am really hoping for a Barca/Bayern final though.

asmith23063579d ago

Because it is a CL final... what more reason do you need?

KingPin3580d ago

heres hoping its a dortmund/bayern final.
about time we have something different.

Personally i grown tired of el classico.
Nowadays not sure if its Real Madrid vs Barca or CR7 vs Messi.

Snakefist303580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

It will Be real vs bayern and barca vs dortmount.

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