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Manchester United's £150m Training Ground Deal Set For Uefa Scrutiny

Goal: ''Shirt sponsor Aon signed a contract to rename their Carrington complex but the European governing body has revealed they will be checking the details under Financial Fair Play.''

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ProjectVulcan3580d ago

Nothing wrong with this deal, Aon are actually stepping down their sponsorship, because the shirt deal goes to Chevrolet after this season.

The City one is the blatantly suspicious one, because the owners connections with Etihad means it is surely a backdoor funding for City.

No company in their right mind would believe they had value from the deal done with City for that amount of money, they simply don't have the worldwide profile.

Gamer19823575d ago

Erm really?? 150 million to sponser a TRAINING ground isnt wrong but 400 million to sponser a ground where millions of fans go to and is mentioned every single week is right? Get real.

The deal is a joke as why would you sponser a training ground? People dont go there its near pointless. Whereas a football stadium means every time you talk about the team playing at home you mention that sponser.

So what if ETIHAD have links to Citys owners?? Whats that got to do with anything in reality? You united fans are blind to the truth and really need to look how business works. I get the training kits sponsership deal you signed as you always warm up in those things and you even sell them meaning sponsers name is seen before every match but this deal just stinks to high heaven.

Also another thing i'd like topoint out if utd have so much money like you fans keep making out how com you seem to be selling rights to everything lately? Stocks, training gear, training ground etc.. ? Seems the clubs doing everything it can to stay profitable..

ProjectVulcan3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

City's deal is the first one that was mentioned because it is clearly dodgy backdoor funding.

United are a much more valuable property for anyone to sponsor, anyone to get a piece of. You should get real.

City have no marketability in Asia or the States or Africa, virtually nothing. They are nobodies compared to Chelsea, Arsenal but especially United.

This was why the deal was suspect, because of the links and blatant overinflation and over valuation of City's draw to sponsors.

Sponsors fall over themselves to be allied with United, but they never have with City particularly, nothing like the scale Etihad have suspiciously provided before City even won a league title....lets not forget the deal was done before City were even considered contenders!

As mentioned the Aon deal is actually the company downsizing their investment in the club, from a full blown shirt deal (£20m a year) to this (£15m a year).

City's deal is blatantly and obviously bogus as many independent bodies have reported. United's deal is unprecedented, but not tainted....