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Daniella Semaan gives birth to baby girl Lia, Cecs Fabregas becomes dad

Baby girl Lia Fabregas Semaan was brought to the world by Daniella on Wednesday evening.

Las Provincias reported that the good news reached Cesc Fabregas while he was on the field playing against PSG in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.

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lando7863585d ago

I didn't notice this site was called TMZ...

Ike203585d ago

Dude, it's not TMZ, but's got a Culture and Gossip category. I guess that's more than 100% compatible with these kind of stories related to footballers' private lives?

Come on, this has got to be acceptable. :)

krazykombatant3585d ago

Lol didnt the lady have an affair with fabregas or something before she divorced her previous husband.

Ike203585d ago

Yup, that's true... I had a story on it on last year: