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Report: Rooney to PSG is done deal

Michel Moulin, who is a former advisor to the Ligue 1 leaders, went on French TV and declared: "Rooney to PSG is done."

"I announce from trusted sources, he will be at PSG next season," he said.

Moulin is now the owner of media outlet Le Sport 10 and some have viewed his comments as a publicity stunt to boost the profile of his company.

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Gamer19823517d ago

Cannot see it personally Fergie loves Rooney and I think he will stay at utd as long as Fergie does.

neoragex3517d ago

wud you take him at man city?

Gamer19823517d ago

Nope don't think hes an improvement on what we got and his strong ties to united also factor into my decision.

b163o13516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I'd disagree, mainly cause Fergie and Rooneys relationship isn't strong at all, last year when Rooney put in for a transfer request, most sources said it was cause of there relationship. Then at the beginning of this season Fergie basically called Rooney fat and out of shape. Rooney was ready to leave then(back when he requested the transfer), the only thing that stopped him was the Mobb standing at his door steps(Really). Everybody jumped on RVP this season, and basically forgot about Rooney. Now that RVP is slowing, everybody's refocusing there eyes on Rooney. I personally thinks its too little to late, and hope he makes that move, and it's not cause I'm a city fan. I believe to be great, you have to play well in multiple leagues.

goku323593516d ago

The only way I see Rooney leaving United to go to PSG is if they shell out a lot of money, and I mean A LOT!

asmith23063516d ago

You mean transfer fee or wages? Either way, it's not like PSG don't have the cash. Besides I don't think Rooney is worth what he used to be.

mmj3516d ago

United might want rid to free up the wages the money he is on they could sign a better player, imo when Rooney held Fergie to ransom over a new contract sealed his long term fate.

Dungus3516d ago

Guillem Balague said any deal for Falcao would depend on the future of Rooney. So given Utd's apparent interest in Falcao, I wouldn't completely rule this move out.