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Fergie: Carroll challenge on De Gea an obvious red card

Manchester United inched closer to the Premier League title after a 2-2 draw with West Ham, but the manager was unhappy that the striker's challenge on the keeper went unpunished

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson says that Andy Carroll's challenge on David de Gea in the 2-2 with West Ham was an "obvious" red card.

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buddymagoo2009d ago

Sending-off offences (red card)
Serious foul play

Looked like serious foul play to me.

neoragex2009d ago

I'd say well done Andy!

krazykombatant2009d ago

Seems to me you got even with drawing the match thanks to an offsides goal.

mcstorm2008d ago

@krazykombatant well you get some decisions and you don't. We did not get a off site decision when Tevez was in paly for City's goal but we got the decision this time round. Swings and round abouts in football its as simple as that.

Another day Carol could of seen a red. In a way this was more dangerous than Nani's sending off against Madrid but again another day and ref this may not of been a sending off.

People have there own views on everything in football but the one thing we can agree on is no one ever agrees on a decision.

neoragex2009d ago

he talks some utter rubbish sometimes

asmith23062009d ago

I loved the post match interview. He sees Carrolls offense but not RVPs offside.

buddymagoo2009d ago Show
asmith23062009d ago

Relax man, I wasn't pointing out that Carroll shouldn't have seen red. I was just observing the funny side of fergies post match interview. Contrary to what you believe as a utd fan, just because someone points out something like I did on a utd article doesn't make them a troll or "bitter". Most of us non utd fans don't care enough that it would make us bitter. Get off your high horse.

mmj2008d ago

It's no more dangerous than when a goalkeeper accidently punches another player.