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AVB: Chelsea game could be the decider

After seeing his side complete a dramatic comeback and earn a famous win, Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas has urged his players to finish the season strongly.

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goku323593398d ago

I think it will come down to that game. Whoever wins that game gets a top 4 finish. After losing points to Liverpool yesterday, Chelsea have to win this, but I feel pretty confident that they can do it.

Sahil3398d ago

You have AVB in your avatar but want Chelsea to finish top four. Ironic.

goku323593398d ago

It's been like that forever, since AVB was at Chelsea in fact. I've kept it because it looks pretty funny with AVB giving the thumbs up and whatnot. I assure you though, I am a Chelsea fan lol

asmith23063397d ago

I hope AVB does it and Chelsea finish 5th. I want Abramovich to realise he can't be sacking people who win the CL so soon afterwards.

silvacrest3396d ago

i doubt that finishing 5th will teach roman anything

what will teach him is nothing, he has made it pretty clear that he will do whatever the f*ck he wants regardless of anything else