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Mancini: United not better, but deserve title

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini maintains his side are as good as Barclays Premier League champions-elect Manchester United.

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ProjectVulcan3397d ago

The table doesn't lie and the gap says that over the course, United have been much better.

krazykombatant3397d ago

As a team yes, but in termsmof quality on paper city are the better team, the derbies have shown this, however, mancini just sucks at motivating his team.

ProjectVulcan3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

If you talk about first 11, then the teams are close but City are not better outright like I would have admitted they were last season. United do have a better squad for sure though.

If you talk about the league as a marathon and a squad exercise that I alluded to, then United HAVE been a lot, lot better and the table says it.

Mancini can say this above but it is a terrible argument right now and looks a weak excuse because he has no one to blame but himself. City just haven't turned up remotely enough and fell flat on their faces in Europe to boot once again.

They got complacent ON HIS WATCH and as a result United have just strolled it.

neoragex3396d ago

City's squad is better than Uniteds. Fact.

Thefreeman0123396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Goalie: tie. De gea and hart null each other out

Defense: united are better. Vidic-Ferdinand-Evra-Rafael beat anything city can put out

Midfield: city may have the slight edge with toure,silva but what united lack in star power make up in team chemistry. Also carrick and kagawa will become a force to be reckoned with

Forward: united are better. Look no further than the goal differential. Need I say more than RVP, rooney and chica? Much better than tevez who plays when he wants to and aguero who doesn't play half the time.

So no city is not in fact better. Especially when you think about who won the title

ProjectVulcan3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

City's squad is plainly inferior.

If you looked at the weeks of injuries from last season, City had the LEAST of any club, United had the MOST of anyone and it was still close!

United just lost the title on goal difference.

City had a few injuries this season, United had a few, United waltze it. Go figure.

Also try writing out a second XI of the two sides, and United's is clearly superior.

If you discount the players who started last night for United, they could field Lindegaard, Buttner, Ferdinand, Vidic, Smalling, Nani, Young, Cleverley, Anderson, Hernandez and Welbeck besides the side that won last night!

If you think City have a second XI at any given point as good as this you are a lunatic.

You would probably have to put Rodwell, Garcia or Scott Sinclair in there! Nooooooooooo! Lulz

mcstorm3396d ago

On Paper city's Squad looks better than united but just because a team is full of stars dose not mean they are a better team.

Look at QPR they should not be in the place they are now but no matter how good players are on there own they need to play as a team.

This is one thing United have had every season since SAF managed to get his 1st cup with United. SAF is by far the best Manager this league has ever seen. His record proves that. He has had different managers come up against him and every time he has lost he has managed to gain the league back from them.

If City are a better team then United why did they do so poor in the Champions League not Winning one game? Or why are they now 16 points behind us and a difference of 14 goals and its there are still 4 games left.

People seem to forget City only won the league on goal difference last year and that same team is now 14 points behind this seasons Man Utd side.

Credit needs to be given to the united players as they have bounced back stronger this season and made sure they won the league back and look how many players are in the squad that have just picked up there 1st league and how many who have won it 5 or more times.

This is all down to SAF he has the right mix of players in the squad and no one is ever bigger than the club unlike other players at other clubs.

My money is on United and Chelsea for the league next year depending on who Chelsea bring in for there next manager and I expect City will slip into 3rd next season unless they have a big shakeup.

AcceptedWalnut3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Geez freeman, do you honestly believe the bullshit you spout? Citys strongest first 11 is a lot better than Utds.

De Gea equal to Hart? Englands no 1 and running for a third golden glove award in a row.

If Utds defence is so much better, why do city have the best defensive record in the league whilst playing most of the season with a new CB pairing?

Aside from Carrick who's having a decent season im not even going to compare the midfield.

RVP is pretty much your only prolific striker, Rooney has the same amount of goals as Dzeko and Tevez is 1 behind both of them. Aguero's been injured most of the season whilst still scoring more than "Mushy Pea" and as for 1 goal wonder Danny Welbeck LOL

United won the title by having a better squad, they have more players who fit into the philosophy Ferguson wants and can easily jump into the team and do a job. When City lose a Kompany or a Silva, it isn't quite as easy to fill the void.

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KingPin3396d ago

well they don't have to be better, they just needed to finish above manchester city. mission accomplished.

asmith23063395d ago

Exactly. I think that City are the "better" team when they bring their A game. They screwed up too many times this season though. Last season they could grind out results. Utd have had the edge mentally, which as we have seen is very important when going for the title.

Kos-Mos3394d ago

Bring the stats. Do they lie? No, I don`t think so. United have the better team on and off the paper.