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Bayern Munich agree £32m deal to sign Mario Geotze

Borussia Dortmund have confirmed that Germany midfielder Mario Goetze will join Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich in a £32million deal.

Dortmund revealed the news on their Facebook page, although they were keen to stress they had yet to hear anything official from Bayern.

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Sahil3578d ago

Very much possible and Now if Bayern also sign Reus, their squad will be immense.

neoragex3578d ago

Massive signing for Bayern.

Thefreeman0123578d ago

thats quite a spit in the face of Dortmund. especially considering they still have games to go... its kinda a shame.

It looks like Dortmund could be ravaged before next season.

Nightfallen3578d ago

That's a slap in the face from Gotze to Borussia Dortmund. Like Klopp said, I'm scared that the bundesliga will turn into the Scottish League, only Bayern Munich dominating. This is like van Persie leaving Arsenal for Manchester United, you just don't do it, it's messed up.

Goetze is spelled "Gotze", a lot of people make that mistake and it drives me nuts for some reason lol.

Sahil3577d ago

Blame Sky Sports(the source) not the messenger :)

ngecenk3577d ago

on contrary, not that people have their attention to bundesliga, its a chance for other teams to do mad invest on famous player. and i think they already thought of that when pep decided to go to munich. i wish there will be lots of buying in bundesliga this summer transfer.