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Rio Ferdinand baffled by Suarez ban & calls for FA to revamp punishment system

The Manchester United defender took to Twitter said that the current way of doing things "doesn't make sense at all" after the striker was handed a 10-match suspension

Manchester United centre-back Rio Ferdinand has called on the FA to change their system of punishment after Liverpool striker Luis Suarez received a 10-match ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic.

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neoragex3507d ago

Now the man utd fans who were saying it the right decision, will say Oh, Rio thinks otherwise, maybe the FA is wrong.

listenkids3506d ago

I'm sorry but.. He tried to eat Ivanovic.

KingPin3506d ago

no not really.
im a united fan. heres my comment on the subject.

Kos-Mos3506d ago Show
ijust2good3506d ago ShowReplies(1)
pompombrum3506d ago

Tbh even as a utd fan, I think 10 matches for this is harsh. It was stupid.. really stupid but to say what he done is worse than some of the two footed high challenges I've seen this season is absurd.

Linwelin3505d ago

or the Jermain Defoe bite, or the Eric Cantona crowd kick.

It aint any wonder why people think the FA are corrupt

Kos-Mos3506d ago

If kids on this site could understand that this is a message to him for screwing up too many times in short time...

Chidori3505d ago

I was thinking that too. Football is football. We see bad tackles all the time, but what Suarez did is just out of control lol. Baffling really. 10 games is a bit harsh...but I think he's sure to never try anything like this again.