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Cristiano Ronaldo's season tarnished by Borussia Dortmund?

If Ronaldo does not reach the Champions League final this year, his chances of finishing this season on a high would be radically fissured, despite all the marvellous hard work he did throughout the term.

For his fans, seeing him suffer the consequences of degradation at this late stage of the Champions League would be nothing but a haunting nightmare.

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krazykombatant3505d ago

LOl and that does that mean for messi then? nothing i imagine cuz you know he can't do anything wrong, its football, if mou stays we better improve our midfield and strikers.

When Ozil has an off day hes simply too slow and not creative enough, we need a complementing striker who can help ronaldo out. Higuain or Benzema will be sold this summer count on it.

Nes_Daze3504d ago

Yup I would think so, I'm honestly disappointed in Messi's performance this year, but then again barca has declined in performance A LOT over the past couple years. I would hope that both teams recover from their losses and return to being at their best.

Ike203504d ago

You can never tell what will happen in mid-week in the return legs... Surprises, maybe?

ProjectVulcan3504d ago

Madrid look further away from being top dog in Europe than they have the past 2 seasons, going backwards in Europe and domestically. Mourinho may walk, wouldn't be all that surprised to see Ronaldo leave this summer either.

krazykombatant3504d ago

Lol you itching to see Ronaldo going back to old Trafford. Hahahahaha dream on.

Ike203504d ago

Vulcanproject didn't say that... But in any case, you can never tell... Although I don't think he'll go back to Man U this summer.

ProjectVulcan3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

That's correct Ike20, I didn't say that. I don't believe United would buy him back for the money Madrid would want. More likely somewhere like PSG or even Bayern, considering the rumours of Robben leaving etc.

If United somehow mustered the money, United would surely be his first choice. But I think those days are past, and United are more likely to more in a different direction.

Who really knows though?

Ike203504d ago

Well, I assume Real Madrid will change quite a lot this summer. But then, the changes will all depend on the final outcome of this current season, I guess...

krazykombatant3504d ago

Vulcan is die hard manU fan, if not Madrid were else would hengo but back to Sir Alex.