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Romario: "Pele is a fool"

The Brazilian football legends Romario and Pele provide each other with an ugly exchange of words.

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Sandmano3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Crazy, two football legends at it...

Those two names in a sentence is enough let alone one calling the other a fool.

krazykombatant3503d ago

Wish I could read this.....

Sandmano3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

B rasiliens football idols Romario and Pele are never particularly squeamish to deal with each other, but now they both lead their altercation in public and tighter pitch. "Pele is a fool," thundered the nunmehrige Romario MPs, who also repeated his oft-quoted sentence: "A silent Pele is a poet." Pele had said with regard to Romario: "I was always very Catholic, and God has said that we should forgive ignorant So I forgive the ignorant.."

To the dispute, it came to the recommendations of the century footballer Pele to take the regular team of Corinthians Sao Paulo as the basis for the Selecao what Romario had criticized on Thursday via Twitter as the "last folly". The world champion from 1994 countered Peles Ignorance accusation with a personal attack: "He said he was very Catholic I believe as Catholic, as he claims, he is not, because if he were, he would have his (who died in 2006 /. Note) recognized and daughter had gone to her funeral. "

If you notice the last line is really really pushing it by Pele, really stupid childish comment. No need to go that far, talk about hitting under the belt.

krazykombatant3502d ago

cheers +Bubbles for being helpful dude!