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Beckenbauer: Barcelona will use dirty tricks

The Germany legend expects the Primera Division leaders to put up a fight in this week's return after their heavy loss in the first leg

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Sahil3571d ago

Did they use any 'dirty tricks' when they beat milan 4-0. No.

Says who? who called Buffon a pensioner. Slow losing respect for Beckenbauer.

mmj3571d ago

Barcelona plan B - try to get a man sent off through diving.

Nes_Daze3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Expected more from him, but he shows he's only as ignorant as every other fan that makes the same idiotic statement against Barca. Didn't see them try to dive against Milan when they were down 2-0..but I can certainly name you a few important other players from other teams that have dived in the CL, yet no mention of them? You gotta have the mental capacity to understand that every team has its divers and cheats, or players that lack sportsmanship, picking one team out of the bunch just shows bias and stupidity.