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Watch David Beckham sent off for horrible tackle in Ligue Un

The PSG man had plenty of intent as he tackled Youssef Adnane, and the French leaders ended the game with eight men!

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Sandmano3562d ago

Stupid tackle, I guess their still bitter about Evian beating them in the cup.

mmj3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

He was just trying to shield the ball, whether or not he intended to stamp on his opponent as well we'll never know but the fact the guy went down screaming like he had been shot with absolutely no contact typifies mainland European leagues.

Surely this will be appealed?

Sandmano3561d ago

He went in with intent to hurt the guy off course he's going to over due it even though I think there might have not been that much contact but its part of the game.

Thefreeman0123560d ago

Don't take this the wrong way bc it was a bad tackle but I'm really getting tired of all the red being flashed around. Pretty soon there will be no tackles allowed... At some point you have to allow contact...