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Messi & Ronaldo: The similarities

Their respective national teams are certainly blessed to have them. Messi captains Argentina and their international aspirations lie almost exclusively with him. The same can be said for Portugal skipper Ronaldo.

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KingPin3390d ago

if anyone only watches one of these players, they basically missed out 50% of what this generation was all about.

thing is, when ronaldo leaves football competitively it will be a great loss to the sport coz messi would easily walk away with everything. there is no other competition. neymar looks promising but i still dont see him on the ronaldo/messi level.

the sad thing is CR7 will never win a world cup. something great players have done. Portugal just cant produce top level players all at once. if they had Pauletta, Eusabio, Figo and CR7 in one team, that would be something.
Messi on the other hand stands a strong chance of accomplishing this. the argentina team have really strong players. Tevez, Aguero, messi, di maria etc etc.

but one thing is for sure, we are lucky to see these players in action. next time we see players of this quality will be 30-50 years and even then, we wont be convinced that the new stars are better than these two.

asmith23063390d ago

I'd be surprised if Messi even won a World Cup. Argentina are good of late but I still don't see them winning the World Cup; which is why I hate the whole "Messi/Ronaldo aren't as good as player X because they have never won the World Cup" which is an utter rubbish argument. Plenty of average players have World Cup medals, does that automatically cast them into the world class player bracket? Hell no. See my point?

Ike203390d ago

I see your point, man!

KingPin3390d ago

i didnt mean messi or ronaldo not winning a world cup diminishes every achievement they have until now its just thats the only trophy they have left to collect. and between the 2 national teams, messi has a higher probability of winning it than ronaldo does.

but yeah, i do know what you mean.

Ike203390d ago

Good point. But I disagree with the fact that there won't be great players of their level (if not better) until the next 30-50 years. For me, that's like rubbishing the idea of everlasting evolution. There will always be someone better, someone greater. And it doesn't necessarily have to take such a long time. You can never tell. When Ronaldinho appeared in 2005, some people said the same thing. I don't mean to bring down Ronaldinho at all... but I'm sure many would agree that Messi and Ronaldo, in their top form, are better than him. It took less than 10 years for Ronaldinho's status in this generation to be exceeded. So who knows? Maybe after the World Cup, new stars will arise...

KingPin3390d ago

ronaldinho is a legend no doubt.
definitely up there in the all time greats tier. (if you will)
but i dont see another player scoring against all 19 teams in a league in a single season happening anytime soon. nor do i see any player doing that in a row.

i mean seriously, before messi and ronaldo there were plenty great players like raul, zidane, del piero, ronaldinho etc but for us to actually witness what messi and CR7 have done wont happen anytime soon. im not saying there wont ever be greats of football ever again and that messi/cr7 are the pinnacle of what football players will be.

BlmThug3390d ago

Both men are truly greats :)