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Jose to Chelsea is a DONE DEAL! Real pens £10m-a-year contract after dinner with Abramovich

Jose Mourinho is understood to have agreed a deal to rejoin Chelsea and could officially return to Stamford Bridge on July 1.

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pompombrum3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Since when was the daily mail a credible source? This isn't news, it's a rumour started by one of the worst newspapers in the UK. If it was news, it'd be everywhere by now.

pompombrum3568d ago

Lol @ the disagree.. Mourinho has already said that he hasn't decided his future since the daily mail posted that article. How do I know this? Because I go to reputable news sources.

Kos-Mos3568d ago

Oh no you got a disagree....Please enlighten me again so I will give you an agree instead of a disagree.

abzdine3568d ago

that would be great because spanish media is fu**** up they disliked him so bad. in england people like him so it makes sense he moves back.

Dungus3568d ago

It's clearly not a "done deal", though, eh?

MYSTERIO3603567d ago

I'm a bit unsure on this one simply because as any Chelsea fan knows one of the reasons Mourinho left was because he felt he didn't have total control at the club.

I guess time will tell if things have changes since then and if abramovich will be willing to put personal opinion aside for the greater good.

I think this time round Mourinho will have to be given total control with a lengthy contract for things to work. I just hope there isn't a repeat of what happens back in 2007 and Mourinho is able to work thing out this time.

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