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Highlights: Manchester United 0-1 Chelsea (Premier League - 05/05/2013)

0-1 Mata 86'

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goku323593384d ago

wow, the 2 teams with the most goals scored this season go head to head, and there's only one goal. Kind of anticlimactic.


buddymagoo3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

I think that is hilarious, doesn't bother me but imagine the reaction if that was a United player or Suarez!!

silvacrest3384d ago

lmao, i was watching the match live and didn't notice that

Pirates10i3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

A couple things about this game
1) Bad line-up for United
- Valencia was terrible, Giggs is showing his age.
- why didnt Chica, nani or rooney start
2) That was not a red at all. Luiz even showed a smirk while he was down holding his leg.
- Rafael played extremely well. I dont think that there was anything to it.
3) U.S Commentating is TERRIBLE.
- Gus Johnson is absolutely awful, hes going to blow my speakers with his yelling.
- The other guy was clearly a Chelsea supporter and it was annoying to hear him chirp about how much he wanted them win

Infernostew3384d ago

So Rafael gets sent off for that challenge yet Ramires gets nothing for kicking out at Jones? Oh well, title is sealed up and it seems like we're not interested playing out these remaining fixtures. Gus Johnson and Ian Wright are just awful and I'm so glad NBC has the rights for broadcasting prem matches after FSC pulled this shit.

buddymagoo3384d ago

I feel sorry for the Arsenal and Spurs fans. We just couldn't be bothered it seems.

goku323593384d ago

Don't be sorry. I am certainly very happy with this result :)

krazykombatant3384d ago

Whilst yes tottenham have shown an over reliance this season on bale just like arsenal last season, I expect AVB to flash some serious money in the summer to improve the spurs side.

Pirates10i3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

I would much rather see Arsenal and Spurs in UCL instead of Chelsea.

However what if United is hoping Spurs dont make UCL to force bale into a transfer possibly?

just a afterthought

goku323593384d ago

Spurs are a one-man team, why would you want them in the UCL and not Chelsea? Is it because Chelsea deserve it any less than the teams below them? Well the teams below Chelsea are below them for a reason... The fact that Chelsea are still above Arsenal and Tottenham even though their schedule has been much more hectic really shows that Chelsea DO deserve a top-4 finish.

Or do you want them to finish below spurs and arsenal just because you hate Chelsea?

Pirates10i3384d ago

@goku I never said that Chelsea don't deserve a top 4 finish cause they do. I just would like to see how spurs would fair in Europe but nonetheless I do dislike chelsea quite a bit tho :-P

silvacrest3384d ago

putting your hatred aside, goku is right, spurs right now, are a one man team

imagine if they do finish fourth, lose bale and make no new signings/ or make ineffective signings?

asmith23063384d ago

That was no red card. Just book Raphael and get on with it. If anything Luiz should be banned for blatantly feigning injury. Lost all respect for the guy. Cmon spurs.

theEx1Le3384d ago

Luiz may have smiled, but he kicked out at him. Its a red card.

zeddy3384d ago

boring match, didnt care who that one. united it seems werent really bothered. wenger wont be pleased with fergie's team though, cleverly isnt showing any signs of improvement and should have been subbed earlier.

theEx1Le3384d ago

Valencia also, was useless today.

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