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Manchester United appoints David Moyes as new manager

David, 50, has been the Everton manager since 2002, joining after a successful spell as manager of Preston North End.

Announcing his successor, Sir Alex Ferguson said:

"When we discussed the candidates that we felt had the right attributes we unanimously agreed on David Moyes. David is a man of great integrity with a strong work ethic. I've admired his work for a long time and approached him as far back as 1998 to discuss the position of Assistant Manager here. He was a young man then at the start of his career and has since gone on to do a magnificent job at Everton. There is no question he has all the qualities we expect of a manager at this Club.”

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freeduck3437d ago

I love this appointment for two reasons.
1) Everton will be weaker
2) Man Utd. will be weaker

He will never be as good of a manager as Ferguson, and it is indeed a risky appointment as he never won anything with Everton.

buddymagoo3437d ago

Moyes is perfect for us! Anyone else would have came in and shaken things up.

Our biggest secret over the years has been our stability which is our strenght. Moyes will come in to a club that only a fool could fail at.

Maybe you can't see that but the best manager for the past 20 years can and I expect all United fans to get behind him!

Sahil3437d ago


'Moyes is perfect for us'

Can't argue with that.

ad4mb3437d ago

sahil... check that record again at the end of next season when he manages a team that will once again, finish above liverpool ;)

NewMonday3437d ago

MU will at least be consistent, but the tactics of 2 banks of 4 will see the team get many draws in the PL, and quick exits from Europe.

ProjectVulcan3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Everton are a better side than Liverpool, except that side has been assembled at a fraction of the cost.

Moyes net spend in his entire 11 year reign at Everton has been about 20 million. Yes, really! His wage budget is pathetic and on par with Sunderland and Newcastle.

Liverpool's net spend in the past 2 seasons alone has been 75 million! Your wage bill is TWICE as much!

When he took over, Everton were in 16th place, on the same points as the two teams below them. Relegation threatened.

He got them safe in a month. Everton are a consistent top 8 side.

We'll see how Moyes gets on, but I think it is the right appointment and he has the right setup at United in place, with Ferguson in the background. Moyes will adapt, knowing United are meant to be an attacking side, Ferguson will encourage it.

I think with a couple of additions in the summer, Fellaini perhaps, United can retain the title.

1 year from now Moyes will have won something with United, and Liverpool still won't be near the champions league....

freeduck3437d ago


"Everton are a better side"

Compare the trophy cabinets. Are you seriously going to wipe away all that success Liverpool had just because of a few recent seasons, as the club is rebuilding and gaining stability since the old owners have lead the club to near demise?

And yes our wage bill is higher because we have better and more players.

And you have yet to admit the fact that BOTH Everton and Utd will be weaker next season. This is a fact that you cannot deny. Moyes will never be as good as Ferguson.
If you also think Moyes will win the title with Utd next season then you are also delusional. A good shout for top 4, but not for the title.

NewMonday3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Glaziers picked Moyes because he doesn't spend, Everton are good in the league doesn't teams don't park the bus when facing them. the team will turn into Arsenal.

by next January you all will sing a different tone, taking a screenshot of this page to LOL

Computersaysno3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Liverpool fans are just delusional idiots. Brenda has spent 45 million just to go from 8th to 7th. You trail Everton once again in the league, should have lost last weekend when a legit Everton goal was ruled out.

Classic to also talk about history. That's all you talk about because that's all you have! Everton are a better side NOW. The league table isn't lying. You have this massive wage budget and spend the past few years but yet again Everton are going to finish above you.

Seriously get a grip and wake up to reality. Rodgers has done nothing Liverpool are no closer to top 4 or the winners since he took charge. We've got more and better players! No you haven't or you would finish higher. Freakin unbelievable how deluded you people are.

Actually try some facts before inventing some opinions and then claiming they are facts.

Fact Everton will finish higher again. Fact Liverpool have spent a fortune in comparison. Fact Liverpool are not significantly closer to top 4 than last season. Fact Liverpool are no closer to the winners.

How's that for facts?

Get a grip and realise you are nobodies now. You're a clown club all mouth and no trousers compared to Man Utd and Everton considering your money. You haven't touched United for years and you can't get above your closest rivals operating on a shoestring.

You have been 'rebuilding' and getting 'stable' for the past 23 years spending a bomb and getting nowhere since Benitez.

badz1493437d ago

"Glaziers picked Moyes because he doesn't spend"

are you serious with that statement? what kind of manager who doesn't want to spend? he didn't spend as much as other big clubs because he was not given privilege to do so.

he himself acknowledged that Everton needs more high quality players but you can't get good players with so little. thus he actually has made every spending counts and with less known players compared to other big teams, Everton has been consistently fighting for European spots which is amazing!

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shadowraiden3437d ago

yes dream come true we have a manager who is similar in what he demands as Ferguson and is a master of getting the best out of players.

he built many Everton teams for little money compared to the teams that finished around them and now has access to a vast amount of attacking talent that he didnt have at Everton.

Sahil3437d ago


David Moyes Mangerial Honours:

'Finish above Liverpool Trophy' - (2011-12)
Everton Brotherhood Cup
'Qualify for CL but won't get to play in CL' trophy
'Haven't won nothing but still a winner' trophy

ijust2good3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I wanted Mourinho and Mourinho said it himself that he wanted to succeed Ferguson in the future.

Moyes has done well with very limited resources at Everton. I don't have problem with Moyes but he has no European experience. A 6 year contract is stupendous for a manager who has not won a major trophy.

Its clear that Ferguson had the final decision. He defo wanted his fellow Scot to take over him when he quits. Its had to be a scot.

shadowraiden3437d ago

why mourinho yes hes good tactically but do you really want united to have some short term success then be screwed because of how mourinho has ran the club look at whats happened to teams after mourinho all of them have fell apart and needed complete rebuilding.

mourinho just buys players he has no experience of actually building a real team.

ijust2good3436d ago

Certainly Mourinho is better than Moyes...he has achieved little. Its better to win than not win at all.

Moyes will prob slump United. He has no experience in european champions league/

neoragex3437d ago


GanjaMan3437d ago


Pirates10i3437d ago

As a United supporter, I am skeptical of Moyes. I will give him full support but I cant shake the feeling we will play a boring brand of soccer

shadowraiden3437d ago

we havnt exactly been exciting for past few years anyway weve been efficient which Moyes also encourages.

we cant go on anything that he did at Everton in terms of the attacking style due to the gulf in the amount of quality now available to him will open up more attacking options.

i would be extremely happy if he brings Fellaini and Baines with him those 2 would make us alot closer to a team that can compete in Europe as Baines is without a doubt one of the best LB's in the world and Fellaini gives us something united have needed for years in a powerhouse midfielder to partner the midfield we have.

Moyes like Ferguson is a master of getting the best out of players that are determined to win.

also i doubt we will play longball when we dont have any real aerial dominance upfront.

mureddev3437d ago

It's not soccer, it's Football.

KingPin3437d ago

have you ever heard of synonyms?
i suggest you go start learning english.

Mozilla893437d ago

I'm glad for David Moyes, he's a good coach and deserves a chance at managing one of the bigger clubs.

Ninjamonkey823437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

Lad needs given time there will be hmms and haas from supporters and idiots that hate us that's normal SAF will not be replaced. People have to earn there place that OT. But the team that did the damage this year are still there remember.

Your not looking at a bunch off kiddies that whine every time something goes wrong and can't cope. There's foundations at Old Trafford that will be set in stone and carried on no matter the manager.

David Moyes knows this and I'm sure he will do the best and that's all is asked off him. We have money to dip in to and we are wise where we put that aswell.

So instead off judging the man before he gets a chance come back in a few seasons and have the same chat ;).

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