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Mourinho was Ferguson's first choice for United

David Moyes was Alex Ferguson's second choice to take over from him in the dugout at Manchester United at the end of the season. That's the version of events according to Portuguese paper 'Record', who have published today that the job was initially offered to José Mourinho.

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neoragex3561d ago

true or not, am going to tweet this and spread it out there, just for the LOLZ

buddymagoo3560d ago

Just lies and speculation. Sir Alex would never want Mourinho and Sir Bobby has said on many occasions they didn't want Mourinho.

Sir Bobby Charlton says José Mourinho would not suit Manchester United (2012)

Diffraction_Fos3561d ago

Mourinho to Moyes? Are you sure there aren't several other candidates in between them who said "no" as well?

mcstorm3558d ago

Moyes was always 1st choice and the History is showing that. Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world at the moment but he dose not stay in one place for more than 3 years.

United's 2 most successful times have been with managers that have been at the club for a long time and Moyes is this type of manager. He has been Loyal to Everton and had done an amazing job with the resources he has and look at some of the players he has there.

For me as a United fan I am happy Moyes has the job and I can see him being there for a long time to. He has a good Squad and if he brings in one or 2 players to add to that squad there is no reason why he cant win the league in his 1st season and do well in Europe to. People seem to be forgetting Sir Alex is still going to be at the club and will help Guide Moyes when he needs it.

I am sad we have lost the greatest Football manager in History but I am also excited to see how Moyes can find a winning formula.

lando7863560d ago

Source is AS which means they probably saw a fan tweet a desire/speculation and said it was legit. Some of their articles even quote Sun as credible sources....

KingPin3560d ago

i think short-term mou was the right man.
Long term though, Moyes for sure.
Moyes believes in a youth setup, did well with limited funds can only do better with a bigger budget. knows how to manage players. isn't controversial. also he has proven that he can build new teams over and over and still succeed.

you look at managers like mou, bought a team at chelsa, won a lot, left before the cycle ended and he needed to build a new team. same at inter and madrid. pep at barca, tweaked one good side and made them unstoppable and then left instead of waiting to build a new team. phase out old players and bring in new ones. moyes proved he is capable of doing this and i think thats a strong quality to have in football.

would united fans have preferred mourinho, maybe quite a few. are we disappointed we got moyes, i know im not. will support him fully. but if he brings the club to a point where liverpool is now, there will be a problem.

Dungus3559d ago

To be fair to him, his current club (the one with no money) are at the point Liverpool are at now! :)