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Ronaldo Reaches breaking point after appearing to mouth X-rated insult towards manager Mourinho

Jose Mourinho’s relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo appears at breaking point as the Real Madrid coach prepares to take charge of his last four games at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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Sandmano3795d ago

What the heck is going on in Madrid!!!!!?

wantedboys3795d ago

the problem is not with madrid its with the media

Sandmano3794d ago

Tbh nobodies forcing Madrid Staff to go to the Media.

ijust2good3794d ago

So Mourinho is defo leaving...its a definet

krazykombatant3795d ago

Just more media speculation.

Sandmano3794d ago

It might be but When asked about Mourinhos future ronaldo said it doesn't concern him so offcourse there's tension between them

KingPin3794d ago

well why would it concern CR7, with or without Mou there, CR7 will still be giving 100% for the team.

saying it doesn't concern him does not mean he wants Mou gone or that Mou shouldn't be there.

i suppose its how you interpret it. if people are looking for a fight, they can take almost everything in a negative light. just saying.

lando7863794d ago

Seemed like a typical celebration. The analysis of the video and the speculation of the commencators is quite funny. Reminds me of those bad libdub videos on youtube.

KiLLeRCLaM3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

"Sorry guys, AS A PORTUGUESE NATIVE SPEAKER, I can guarantee you that he didn't insult Mourinho. He said "Fodasse" and not "Fode-te". "Fodasse" is a very emotional Portuguese expression that means, in this situation, "HELL YEAH". "Fode-te" is an insult... but he did not say this.... that is what you get when Spanish people tries to read the lips of Portuguese people... the language is similar but is not the same"!

KingPin3794d ago

hmmm interesting.

but when it comes to reading ronaldos lips, people tend to get it wrong

knocked out of EURO 2012 against spain.
is he saying "the jews did this" or "injustica" (injustice).

i wouldn't take this seriously. unless CR7 gets benched for the remaining 4 games, then ok. till then, we wait.

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