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Roman Abrahmovic will not pay £17 million to free Mourinho

ROMAN ABRAMOVICH has told Jose Mourinho he will NOT pay the £17million get-out clause in his Real Madrid contract.

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Sandmano3560d ago

Well if he wants him he needs to pay, there's a reason Madrid made it so high.

ProjectVulcan3558d ago

Abramovich won't.

Mourinho wants out and Madrid want rid. They will come to a settlement after a small amount of dancing around the issue I am sure.

Diffraction_Fos3559d ago

So I guess it's Mancini to Chelsea, then? j/k

Seriously, Chelsea need a long-term manager, not a mercenary. Mourinho is probably the best short-term manager, but he'll most likely jump ship again after 3-4 years. Then, Chelsea would be forced to rebuild again.

More than anything, Abramovic needs patience.

Sandmano3559d ago

Mourinho is leaving where? Is the question.

goku323593559d ago

I don't know why, but I feel like it's different this time. I actually think Mourinho would settle.

Sandmano3558d ago

Too much money to settle.

chukamachine3558d ago

Overpayed, overhyped.

Put a numpty in charge with a good amount to spend on players and most could do well.

Plenty of decent managers around for a lot less and with a good budget for a team could win big.

MYSTERIO3603558d ago

Im sure City owner Al Nahyan is readying his wallet right about now after hearing this news.