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News: Roberto Mancini sacked as Manchester City manager

Roberto Mancini has been sacked as Manchester City manager after three-and-a-half years at the helm.

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abzdine3555d ago

that guy is a loser i have never seen a team with so many conflicts between players and he is the cause of all that.
Man City deserves a more professional manager than this guy was.

krazykombatant3555d ago

LOL you clearly don't watch much football, whilst he did have issues in the locker room, he brought something that ManCity had never seen before in the longest of times, silverware.

3 trophies in 3 years isn't bad, yeah they lost the FA cup this year, but been 2nd place in the premiership isn't something to be ashamed.

The Europe thing well, a person can try to motivate a group of people but in the end its up to the player isn't it.

MYSTERIO3603554d ago

It seems Manuel Pellegrini will most definitely be getting the city job now

ProjectVulcan3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Mancini's failures are really in Europe. That is where City have fallen flat.

Sure they failed to challenge in the league this year and lost to Wigan in the FA cup final, but they should still finish an easy 2nd and runners up in the cup.

I think he missed out on the signings he wanted last summer and that is where it really hurt. All he managed to sign was second rate squad crap, and nobody to push the first team players which you need.

He signed dross like Sinclair and Rodwell who are never gonna challenge in the first team, whereas United signed Van Persie and Kagawa who were.

I question if this is really the right move. I doubt it will take much tweaking to make City challenge again next year.

The man who is faves to get the seat seems like he has a decent record, but nothing amazing. Mancini's is actually superior and he is far younger than Pellegrini who is touted to come in.

If City's aim is to improve in the champions league, Pellegrini can do that. But I think Mancini would have eventually as well, if he just stopped tinkering with City's defence in the big champions league games.

Sandmano3555d ago

Agreed the owners want to compete in the CL and they want someone who can, although I think they could get someone better than pelligerni.

Imagine they got Ferguson? LOL

ijust2good3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

No...if u spent over a billion pounds on club and and players then u best be expecting more than just a single Premier League Trophy and a single FA Cup...the Arab owners must be pissed off for spending over a billion pound on a club that hasn't brought enough success for the price that u have invested.

1 Premier League trophy
1 FA Cup Trophy
hundreds of millions on new players

Not a success at all. That much money u spend, you'd expect at least one Champions League cup, two or three Premier league cups, 3 or 4 FA Cups.

Roberto Mancini had the money and players to do allot better..He failed to even reach the Knock out stages of Champion league twice and let alone lose to a possibly a relegated team Wigan. A complete failure.

krazykombatant3555d ago

saying teams don't spend money is an idiotic statement. These days most teams spend money to win and keep their edge, just watch barcas "youth program" be put aside to plug the holes the team has at the back due to aging players.

ManU could be said to have bought the title with RVP, but to be honest everyone was ridiculously poor and ManU was the only constant team thus they deserved to win the title.

ProjectVulcan3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Well to be honest krazykombatant you would be one to defend spending because Madrid have spent enormous sums the past 4 years and won relatively little much like city in that time period.

A single Spanish league title and a single major cup (possibly one more this week), no champions league finals since 2008?

After a net spend of about £300 million since the summer of 2008?

United's net spend in the same time period has been about £60 million. LOL.

Three league titles, two league cups, one FIFA world club cup and two Champions league final appearances.

United have spent far less in the past few years than most bigger European clubs like Madrid or Bayern or Barca, City, Chelsea, Liverpool etc etc

no_more_heroes3555d ago

Can't say I didn't see this coming. I hope City don't become another Chelsea.

Sandmano3555d ago

I saw it coming but I didnt think it would be that soon.

goku323593555d ago

That won't happen. Abramovich is one of a kind.

zeddy3555d ago

i bet you the next guy wont last 2 seasons.

this is why city will never be like united, you cant change your manager once every 2 or 3 seasons and expect success in the long run.

thing is the fans loved him and they sing his name all the time and i bet they sing his name tommorow too.

harsh sacking.

Kos-Mos3555d ago

A team full of prima donnas. No wonder they won`t make it farther.

KingPin3555d ago

they all moved to city for the money. its no secret.

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