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Spokesman: Manchester City supporters floored by decision to sack Roberto Mancini


Manchester City Supporters Club spokesman Kevin Parker says Roberto Mancini's sacking is his "lowest point" in 40 years as a fan.

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Sandmano3421d ago

Didnt think he was liked that much by the fans.

crazyturkey3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Not surprising, Mancini should have been walking the League with all those players he had. It was his lack of control over their egos that didn't allow all that quality to play as a unit. Let's be honest though, it is hard to do because of all the pressure that all that spending puts on the manager. Everyone wants to be the star and problems arise. If Man. City want to stay competitive they need to continue to support their managers at least as much as they did with Mancini so that they don't go down like Chelsea has(CL crown aside)in the last couple of seasons. Chelsea has had Big spending, great quality, but poor support for their managers. I get the feeling that the Chelsea owner doesn't like that Man. City has more money to spend than he does and that creates a bad environment for Chelsea. He doesn't like to be out spent so his ego makes the decisions instead of his brain. Man. City should learn from that and try to build a long stable process like Arsenal, Everton and Man. United have.

mcstorm3419d ago

I have said that this season will show us all what type of owners city have and imo not good ones.

Just because they have billions to spend dose not mean they are going to win the league every season. There are times where a team will not win a cup for 1 or 2 seasons when your at the top even SAF did not win the league for 3 years at one point but built a squad up to win it the 4th year.

Mancini has brought 2 big cups to the club in the 3 seasons he has been there and this club had not won anything big in 35 years yet they go and sack him.

The owners need to see that just because you have a squad of players that are big names dose not mean they will win anything.

Look at the top 4 teams in the league at the moment and on Paper it should of finished Chelsea and City in the top 2 spots yet Man Utd with a mixed team of stars, Young and hard working players has walked the league this year.

Having a club full of Egos is only asking for trouble and look at how much has been at City.

I feel sorry for the next manager because if he get off to a bad start next season he will be pushed out just like Mancini has been.