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Neymar to Bayern is a done deal, claims former Santos official

The Brazil international will travel to Barcelona this summer to open talks but a ex-official of his current club believes he is Allianz Arena-bound

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krazykombatant2856d ago

Lol, ohh every week neymar sings with a different club. Lol

Diffraction_Fos2853d ago

Maybe they think he's a good singer. Honestly, I think he has a rather girly voice.

krazykombatant2853d ago

Lol hahahahaha I just noticed that, took me a while to figure out what you were on about

KingPin2855d ago

hows about stop speculating and making up crap and report it once the player or club has OFFICIALLY announced it.

lando7862855d ago

But KingPin, how would they attract readers then?

KingPin2853d ago

if they wanna talk crap to attract readers, it wont be long before you read
"proof that messi is from the future."
"Ronaldo's space ship found in Atlantic"
"Ronaldinhos trip home confirmed by NASA"

i bet you everyone would read those articles.