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Highlights: Arsenal 4-1 Wigan Athletic (English Premier League - 14/05/13)

[1-0] - L. Podolski - [11']
[1-1] - S. Maloney - [45']
[2-1] - T. Walcott - [63']
[3-1] - L. Podolski - [68']
[4-1] - A. Ramsey - [71']

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no_more_heroes3557d ago

That was exactly the kind of performance I was hoping for. Sunday will be a VERY interesting day now...

crazyturkey3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Great result that keeps Arsenal with their final place in their hands. Now we just need to win the last match by a couple of goals and wish that Everton get something out of their last game against Chelsea to secured 3rd. What Tottenham does won't matter if this happens.

Of Course the possibility of a play off for 3rd spot is still there. If these results happen we could see a match to decide 3rd and 4th spot......Newcastle 1-2 Arsenal while Chelsea 0-0 Everton.

by the way, is anyone famous going to die again?

Sandmano3556d ago

I hope Wigan enjoyed the FA cup before this regulation.