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Balotelli: If I'm racially abused again, I'll walk off the pitch

The Milan striker was subject to racist chanting during the club's game against Roma on Sunday, and says he will no longer stay on the field if it continues to happen

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Sandmano3552d ago

Get ready to walk off in every game

asmith23063551d ago

Yeah, it's pretty sad. Serie A is rampant with racism in the crowds.

ijust2good3551d ago

If this is true then he will walk out every game cause in serie A its too common to be racially abused..

Well he wanted to go back to italy, let him enjoy it.

Kos-Mos3551d ago

What a fool. Racism is horrible, but acting like this won`t change it.

oli3549d ago

It will not change anything, but think about it. In a real life racist situation, the best thing to do is walk away from it, no one has to put up with it.

Kos-Mos3549d ago

So if supporters shout bad things at football players they should walk off the pitch because it`s wrong to say anything negative to another person?
Where`s your logic?

oli3548d ago

If it bothers him so much, he does better by walking away from it rather than confronting him the fan furiously or doing something stupid like Prince when he kicked the ball into the crowd. I understand he's got to be professional, but sometimes putting up with racism is not as easy.