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Highlights: Tottenham Hotspur 1 : 0 Sunderland (English Premier League- 19/05/2013)

Bale (89') 1-0

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doncorleone3543d ago

What a goal by Bale, proving he is the best in the Epl. His shot is fast even in slow-motion lol.

Ninjamonkey823543d ago

Can't wait to see Bale in a United top next season.

wantedboys3543d ago

Dream United does not have the money to buy him

ProjectVulcan3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I think United have enough money for at least one big buy, and a couple smaller deals.

They certainly would have if they sell Rooney.

United fans would take Bale or Ronaldo.

Bale totally deserves to be at a club worthy of his talents. He deserves champions league football.

Him or Ronaldo or Fabregas would be a perfect first signing for Moyes, because any of them sends out a message to the premier league United mean business, and a change of manager will change nothing to the status quo....

shadowraiden3542d ago

and you would know how. do you have access to United's bank account?

it was reported the flotation brought in 300m a few months ago and even before that there was 150m in the account ready to be spent if Ferguson wished.

gunnerforlife3542d ago

Loool at the guy above thinking united will get fabregas! Will never happen! That's as much chance of happening as arsenal getting Ronaldo, and it has nothing to do with money!

ProjectVulcan3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Oh no, United can never get Fabregas. Like they could never get Van Persie if you were asked 18 months ago. Or Ashley Cole would never move across town. Or you could never imagine 5 years ago you would sell half your team to direct Premier League rivals like City whereupon they won the league with most of your best players and your former captain high up on the staff.

Errrrr yeah.

A lot of thing can happen in football.

You think Fabregas would never go to United, because he loves Arsenal that much?

Course he does, that's why he left to sit on Barca's bench. That's why Van Persie could go to him and say look, life at United is brilliant compared to Arsenal where we won crap all.

I think there is every bit as much chance Fabregas would come back to England to go to United (or City, or Chelsea) as he would to Arsenal, partly cos Arsenal would baulk at his price tag and Fabregas would look at Arsenal's squad and go....yeah. Still not gonna challenge for titles there.

Fabregas would go to United, and win stuff. United wouldn't even have to buy anyone else if he just turned up to win stuff.

Arsenal need about 4 or 5 top quality players to challenge for the title. You aren't really that close.

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