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Manchester City planning £120m summer splurge

The Premier League runners-up are preparing for a post-season restructuring ahead of Manuel Pellegrini's arrival, which sources say will "stun English football"

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KingPin3478d ago

when are they going to learn that money doesn't make you successful in football.

if 250 million didn't do the job, what makes them think a further 120 million will.

b163o13478d ago

Seriously guy, give it a break. We've been had 2 different managers and all have different views on how they should spend money, Mancini having success with spending minus the last seasons transfers. Let us not forget about the ridiculous amount of money we spend to get Robinho when we first got our money. We've got a new manager coming soon, and I'm sure he'll spend as well to get us aligned with his vision. So we will continue to spend cause we can, if it was your turn up to manage wouldn't you spend? Of course you would, so please come with something a little stronger cause like I said, it's getting old....


KingPin3477d ago

but that's the problem. your managers aren't buying players aligned with their vision. they buying players coz other top clubs want them. they don't buy players that gel well with each other like other clubs do.

not only that but they spend ridiculous amounts of money on those players.

so yeah. saying if I would come in id spend money but after spending 250 million you would think of getting a manager who has a close vision to what mancini had only one that has better execution. that way you don't have to break the bank all the time.

go and look up what 120 million is in football terms. some clubs are worth that much including all their assets. not just players.

b163o13477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I completely agree with the revolving door with managers. Everyone wants a manager how'll be there for 5-10yrs plus that way your not rebuilding season after season there more less tinkering with the squad. On another note once teams hear that city's interested in a player his value shoots up, we've noticed that and it's really nothing we can do about that. They know able our funds and try to get as much as they can in transfers. Hopefully this manager there bringing in has some longevity in his position, and curb our spending habits...


KingPin3475d ago

you just raised a point about another thing city is doing wrong.

they bringing in a new manager and then saying he needs to win 5 trophies in 5 years. i mean this guy just came in to a new club. you don't see united dropping gauntlets like that on moyes and lets face it, the united fans are more demanding on winning trophies every season.

i think thats a big mistake on their part. yes, it is important to win trophies in football but you cant get those over night. barca, MUFC, bayern, etc didn't become successful overnight.

i have a feeling the minute this coach doesn't win a trophy in 2 years, he will be gone or worse, he wins the FA cup twice and they still fire him coz after spending 120 million more they would expect "bigger" trophies like a league and UCL.

they should bring in a coach with long term ambitions in mind. like building the club/team. and every year give a progress report. if then they see its not working out, get rid of him. yes, short term they will be spending money but long term it will pay off. typical example of this is Sir Alex at united. came in and for 4 years won absolutely nothing. 14 years later even still today, United is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Infernostew3477d ago

Can't wait until FFP comes in and this joke of a club gets torn apart.

b163o13477d ago

LMAO, keep waiting guy. You act as if we know nothing about this FFP, believe me city has someone that works on this exclusively we'll be just fine, we're not going anywhere any time soon. lol FFP THIS GUY LMAO

Dungus3477d ago

It'll be hilarious to watch when their team is full of big superstar strikers and attacking midfielders and they're still playing Joleon Lescott at the back.