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Why Was Jose Mourinho Not Considered for the Manchester United Job?

Manchester United officials must be admired for the speed in which David Moyes was appointed manager following Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement this month.

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shadowraiden3544d ago

its easy when you think about it.
Mourinho was not considered because while he wins trophies he ruins clubs in the long term look at the clubs hes managed and all of them collapsed to some degree after he left.

United wanted somebody who would look at the long term picture not just a quick grab at trophies that tends to sacrifice long term.

also Mourinho is known for just buying talent and not helping youth to come through something which goes against how United are.

end of day while he was going to be linked he never actually stood a chance of getting the job.

Dungus3544d ago

He's not really Man U style. Also, because he's a nutbar.