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10 Worst Transactions of the 2012-13 Premier League Season

The 2012-13 Premier League season saw a number of clubs make key transactions in the respective transfer windows—some of which were a little better than others.

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Pirates10i3538d ago

Lol 3 of the 10 are City players. seems they just want to buy every talent. Before the season i was actually worried that Garcia would be a good addition for them

b163o13538d ago

Of the three all weren't first choice. I hated everyone that we picked up in the transfer window. It's cool thou, seasons over. Time to re-up for 2014....


Infernostew3537d ago

Instead of having RVP and Dembele as bad transactions for their original clubs, they should've just added Maicon and Joe Allen to the list.

Kos-Mos3537d ago

Who cares? Glory glory Man United! Champions for the 20th time!!!!!!!!!!!!