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VIDEO: Final fever turns nasty as fans fight in London ahead of Champions League showdown at Wembley

The German invasion of London turned nasty just hours before the Champions League final as fans fought with each other.

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Sandmano3160d ago

Woah that was crazy!! LOL at 45 sec the charge from Bayern fans like something out of Lord of the rings, things get intense and up close at about 1:15.

ltachiUchiha3160d ago

Lol fans can be so crazy sometimes . lol

ProjectVulcan3159d ago

Germans fighting on British soil. They wanted to do it for nearly 100 years, they finally managed it. Odd how it was over a football match but hey....

ltachiUchiha3159d ago

Hahaha great video. Love watching fans fight. Was that Claude Van Damme? Lol oh did he just do the splits & a karate chop to the family jewels? Haha awesome fight.

Sandmano3159d ago

There was this one big guy towards the end with a tank top that looked like a beast. I think he was a dortmund fan and the bayern guys didnt got near him xD

J0Scorpionake3159d ago

Police was fast to cool down the fight, the result was a tie :)

For the real game I'm kinda pulling for dortmund.

Sandmano3159d ago

Me too but I wont mind if Bayern win they really deserve it after losing to chelsea last season.

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