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Barcelona sign Neymar

Real Madrid offered Santos more money but the Brazil international, 21, has chosen to jump the Sao Paulo ship to join Camp Nou on a five-year deal

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krazykombatant3535d ago

Well its been confirmed now by him, he will join barca. Madrid need to answer.

Sandmano3535d ago

I dont know why I dont think he will be all that great just like Robinho everybody thought he was the new Pele and look how that ended up.

KingPin3534d ago

i think if he has the discipline of messi, CR7, Zidane, Ronaldinho he could be just as good.

if he has the attitude of "i know it all, i am the best" like a certain mario balotelli then he can forget it. Robinho he will become.

i say we give him the benefit and let him prove he got the character to become one of the worlds best.

ProjectVulcan3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Barcelona lose 7-0 to Bayern........buys new attacker.

Hmm. Ok they had defensive injuries but still.

I think it is obvious their defence needs serious attention. They desperately need a new world class centre back. Mascherano can do a job there but the fact is, he just isn't a centre back and never was. Puyol is past his best and Pique heavily relies on him being in the side to perform, Abidal has struggled for fitness and will probably never be the same player again. He is nearly 34 as well. Adriano isn't remotely good enough, Bartra has no experience.

Barcelona need someone like Hummels. That's it really.

zeddy3534d ago

did you see hummels yeasterday? he was awful.

ProjectVulcan3534d ago

He wasn't that bad. Judge him on one game :-(

MYSTERIO3603533d ago

They also need another GK

zeddy3534d ago

messi and neymar next season should be interesting. now madrid have to counter and make a signing which is just as good, gareth bale i think.

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The story is too old to be commented.