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Is it time for U.S. soccer fans to panic?

On the heels of a 4-2 thumping at the hands of Belgium, many a United States soccer fan's quavering finger is inching towards that big red panic button.

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Pirates10i3539d ago

We dont panic because we know we are awful. we have 1 or 2 world class players and everyone else is apparently a squad rotational player.

the fact we have so many athletes and we cant produce any soccer players... dissapointing

Dungus3539d ago

The US is one of the only major sporting countries in the world where soccer isn't the number one sport. It's pretty much an obsession everywhere else.

zeddy3539d ago

time to panic and sack klinsmann, rubbish manager.

Dungus3539d ago

Belgium have some of the most exciting, upcoming youngsters in world football. I wouldn't worry too much.

FRA853539d ago

no shame in getting beat by belgium, they have great team these days.

haven't seen the US play since world cup but they looked a decent side then. they'll not be able to take on the big european and south american sides.

3536d ago