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Suarez confirms desire to leave Liverpool

The Uruguay international has hinted that he could move to another league following constant negative press in England, with Real Madrid understood to be interested in the striker

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Diffraction_Fos3536d ago

Why? Cause he's bad for Real? Or because Real is bad for him?

Neither of those reasons are valid. Real needs a player like Suarez, as well as Bale. Someone who won't go sulking around the pitch when things are not going according to plan. Someone whose work ethic is always excellent whether the team is losing by 5 goals or winning by 5. Someone who's hungry for success and will not be intimidated by anything or anybody outside the club.

If(and only IF) it happens, Ronaldo-Suarez-Bale combo will take LaLiga by storm next season. Those 3 are a potential dominating alliance just waiting to explode on to the pitch.

NewMonday3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

after what he did last time many fans wouldn't mind at all, and with Sturridge scoring regularly it wont be a big blow, it's a great time to cash in, £40m is the transfer claus, but could go up in a bidding war. and if the club want's to keep him, I don't see him pushing hard because LFC took much heat for sticking by him.

krazykombatant3536d ago

Because of his image, prior to the biting incident we I wouldn't have thought of it twice. Now, well we don't need more attention and issues in the locker room.

LOL you seriously, questioning Ronaldo's attitude and work ethic on the pitch?? seriously?

We need a goal scorer yes, but there are plenty more out there that can take the place of suarez. Liverpool can keep him.

Linwelin3536d ago


There is no buy out contract, the 40mill clause is for him to talk to another club only, Liverpool will still set the price, and he is worth 50mill + at least, if we sell him for under 50mill we getting robbed once again! but i think we have been good under Rodgers with transfer dealings, unlike before, everything seemed to be left till last minute!! drove me nuts!

Scrivlar3535d ago

Totally agree with that other than my worries about Suarez not behaving. And of course now that Neymar has gone to Barca I wonder if it even makes a difference who we buy because he and Messi together will be lethal.

WalterWJR3535d ago

Someone who does not bite someone.

NewMonday3535d ago


if a club offers 50m we should bite their arm off(pun intended), combined with the transfer budget that is 70m, we already have a good looking striker signed for about 8m and Tore for free, that leaves 62m for 3 BIG signings.

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sourav933536d ago

I guess in Liverpool, he ate all he could xD

ProjectVulcan3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Liverpool sell, they go one step forwards two steps back.

Nobody likes him anymore, not even half the Liverpool fans I know but Liverpool need him more than vice versa.

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asmith23063535d ago

A swap deal for Higuain plus cash would do nicely for Liverpool. They can't really afford to lose Suarez without a good replacement if they want to challenge for a top four spot.

ProjectVulcan3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Nice idea but why would Higuain even want to go to Liverpool instead of staying put or going to one of the other better clubs that apparently wouldn't mind his services I. E Arsenal, Juventus etc champions league sides.

Liverpool would struggle to replace Suarez with another established 'name' striker when they are competing against much more attractive clubs and want to control their wage bill. Even Suarez isn't on huge money (relative to the top earners in England and Europe) at Liverpool and he is blatantly their best player.

Liverpool just wouldn't get Higuain or Cavani or Jovetic or whoever unless they paid big money and offered them the sort of wages they wouldn't even offer Suarez.

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