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Highlights: Brazil 2-2 England (Friendly Match - 02/06/2013)

Frederico Guedes Fred (57) 1-0
Alex Chamberlain (68) 1-1
Wayne Rooney (79) 1-2
Sergio Paulinho (83) 2-2

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krazykombatant3534d ago

Didn't watch the match. Comepletely forgot about it, seems like it was pretty good.

zeddy3533d ago

i wonder who will play once the team is fit. i doubt lampard will be a starter at the world cup.

ProjectVulcan3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Whoever it is needs to be better on the ball. Composure.

Really I might be interested in seeing 3 across the middle with two wide players and Rooney as the point man up front. 4-3-2-1, like Bayern Munich really.

Bayern play with a back four, then Schweinsteiger, Martinez and Muller in the centre with Schweinsteiger as the enforcer so to speak, Martinez as the playmaker and Muller as virtually an ACM. Then they have Ribery and Robben as their overlapping width and a single striker, Mandzukic or Gomez.

The problem for England is always that left midfield side, Ashley Young has had a torrid season, Oxlade Chamberlain is nearly as exclusively right sided as Walcott :-( Welbeck has played there but just isn't a winger.

It has been a problem for absolutely forever, England don't have a distinctive left sided attacker who can make that position his own. What I wouldn't give for a Bale style Englishman...

Would love to be able to accommodate Wilshere, Carrick and someone else in central midfield to do the donkey work, the tracking back and chasing like Phil Jones or Milner.

England have got to get to grips to the better midfields out there, it is critical these days and even more so when you play in the heat and get tired etc as England will do at tournaments.

zeddy3532d ago

me personally i would play carrick, gerrard and wilshere in midfield and upfront with rooney, theo and cleverley whos not a popular choice i know but he's really good in tight situations and can hold and pass the ball to others. he's been playing out of position at united in a more scholes role but i dont think he can do it, hes more an attacking midfielder and hodgeson has played him in most games so i think he will start at world cup if fit.