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Highlights: Spain 10-0 Tahiti (Confederations cup- 20/06/2013)

Fernando Torres (5, 33, 57.78), David Silva (31, 89), David Villa (39, 49, 64), Mata (66)

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Sandmano3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

WTH are Tahiti doing in the confederations cup anyway!!? LOL at their goalie getting happy at Torres missing the penalty only to concede a goal 1 minute later!! From TORRES! xD

edit: This is probably the longest highlights submission ever!

BryanBegins3383d ago

They won the oceanic tournament. They won the right to be there fair and square. Sure it's a weaker confederation, but they still won.

Just appreciate how awesome it must be for these players. Look after the game, they were happy.

Sandmano3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

I am not going to appreciate anything, you have to look at the bigger picture...

Tahiti or Solomon islands or any of those those oceanic countries wouldn't have had a chance at qualifying for the confederations cup if Australia were still in that region.

Now I ask why did Australia a oceanic country come to Asia!? To make it easier to qualify and in turn taking away a seed from other Asian countries that actually deserve to have a chance in the WC like Iraq, KSA or even China. It also works in favour of countries like Tahiti now that they actually have a chance at qualifying for tournaments like the confederations cup, which they did.

In the end oceanic countries are gaining seeds in these tournaments while asian teams are suffering, heck Australia almost won the asian cup losing to japan in extra time.

Its not about them being happy after the game its all about personal interests with corrupt FIFA.

I wouldn't be surprised if Joesph Blatter did this to gain the oceanic votes In the FIFA elections.