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What If UEFA Swapped Its Champions League Final for 7-Game NBA-Style Series?

Like most of America, I've been consumed by the epic NBA Finals series between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs. As an outsider, the regular season can feel like a never-ending glut of half-baked games with no real consequence, but the basketball playoffs are vital viewing.

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Nes_Daze3518d ago

Yes, the NBA Finals were amazing this year. Although a 7 game series would be very impractical, it would be pretty cool to see. Hopefully next year's finals in the CL are better, Bayern blew away the competition..which is why the NBA finals were much more entertaining for me.

Gamer19823517d ago

Too many games it works with NBA because its not 45 minutes played twice. It's shorter periods meaning although those athletes work damn hard they don't need as much rest as footballers. Plus fitting in 7 games int eh middle of a season is impossible the football seasons congested enough.