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Brazil president defends World Cup costs

The country's leader has reacted to recent anti-government protests and has stressed that hosting the World Cup will not harm education and health programs

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KingPin3514d ago

oh hell
i think the next time they plan to bid for world cups they should have a vote in the country first.
they should outline a $20 billion price tag that will be spent on stadiums/infrastructure.
if the people vote to have it, then the national federation can put in a bid. if the people say no, they shouldn't waste time even bidding to have it. and that way they can say "FIFA are against us and don't wanna give us a world cup"

and if all the first world countries keep having world cups well good for them then.

better that then having protests and violence outside stadiums.

one thing we learnt from 2010 world cup is that having a world cup is more of a financial loss then anything. yeah ok, it might boost tourism but if people wanna visit a country they should just go on their own not wait to use a world cup as an excuse.

Our stadiums are now white elephants. its there but not in use. cape town thought demolishing the stadium in the long run would save more money than what its costing maintenance wise to keep it going.