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New Barcelona signing Neymar is 'pure talent', says Iniesta


The 29-year-old says he is looking forward to playing alongside the Brazilian and cannot see the Selecao star clashing with the Catalan club's current star man Lionel Messi.

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3517d ago
grimmweisse3517d ago

Great, looks like he finally learned to pass the ball and not run on his own!

asmith23063516d ago

He ain't gonna oust Messi that's for sure. Should have went to Juve were there was no danger of him feeling too much pressure.

pompombrum3516d ago

I think he would have more pressure at Juve than he would at Barcelona. At Barcelona Messi is their top player and the person the fans will rely on to produce that bit of magic to make the difference in big games.. with that in mind the pressure won't be as high on Neymar. At Juve he'd be the main star. Then again Neymar will have that pressure next year regardless at the world cup.

KingPin3516d ago

there is a downside to what you just said. if neymar doesn't produce the goods as often as messi due to their being less pressure, barca fans will label him a flop coz what good is he if messi is still doing more.

a player like neymar is expected to be as good or as close to messi as possible, pressure or not.

i really hope he succeeds at barca <even though im a real supporter>. i seen him play in the olympics and from there already you could see the talent. i just hope he gets to be comfortable knowing its not all about him like it was at santos and that he can learn to share the spotlight. but i suppose that will come as he matures.

asmith23063515d ago

What Kingpin said. Even if he clocks up a third of what Messi scores he will still be considered a flop, which is sad but true. Look at David Villa and Sanchez. Both quality forwards who got left in the dust behind Messi.

mafiahajeri3516d ago

Just like how Ronaldinho ousted Messi?

jak3y13oy3516d ago

unless Messi goes to jail in September :L

Spontogical3516d ago

I find that surprising too.. I remember when he was like 22. >.>

Nes_Daze3516d ago

There's a bright future for this kid if he works hard enough and learns to be very disciplined. He has been outstanding in the Confederations Cup and I could see him and Messi making some amazing plays together.