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Highlights: Brazil 3-0 Spain (Confederations cup- 30/06/2013)

Fred 2 47
Neymar 47

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MajorLazer3440d ago

Absolute destruction. I feel as though Spain's reign of dominance is over, with Bayern and Borussia demolishing spanish club football and Brasil now destroying Spain at international level. Germany for 2014 World Cup :D

Sandmano3440d ago

Its over. Brazil have to worry about Germany I believe more than Spain.

On a side note I love how pedro accussed Neymar of diving lol looks whos talking!!!

no_more_heroes3440d ago

Impressed with the result! Couldn't see the actual match though, was on the road and just came back.

Brazil has to be considered serious contenders for the WC now.

ltachiUchiha3440d ago

Crushed. Massacre. Great way to blow them out mate.

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The story is too old to be commented.