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Brazil were a bit lucky - Del Bosque

The Spain coach believed that the Selecao benefited from good fortune for two of their three strikes, but ultimately conceded that his side were inferior throughout the final

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wantedboys3328d ago

are u kidding me lucky if Brazil won 1-0 then u may say they were lucky but 3-0 come on

KingPin3326d ago

if they won 1-0 and were gifted an own goal in the 93rd minute il call it lucky.

Spain got destroyed. plain and simple.

krazykombatant3328d ago

Some one needs to eat a chunk of humble pie

wantedboys3328d ago

if Brazil played the same way they did today they might have a chance of winning the world cup

allgamespc20123326d ago

not a chance...uruguay is not a good team, they play pussy football, worst italy of the last 20 years and everyone knows spain already. germany, holland, and others will destroy brazil. brazil got lucky with their first early goal as we all know spain defense sucks ass

krazykombatant3326d ago

LOL, seems someone doesn't understand the impact of playing close to the equator can do to you.

grimmweisse3324d ago

mmmm, your tears taste salty!

Nes_Daze3328d ago

Ramos missing a penalty shot wasn't lucky, David Luiz sprinting back like hell to make that save wasn't luck, Julio Cesar diving in the air to stop Villa's goal wasn't luck either.

Now, 2 of Brazil's goals showed just how crappy the Spanish defense was.

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The story is too old to be commented.