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Ivanovic: I have no problem with Suarez, he's one of the best


The Chelsea defender says he has no issues with the unsettled Liverpool striker and would have no problem playing alongside him if the Blues move for the Uruguayan.

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Diffraction_Fos3427d ago

Of course not. It's only the xenophobic English media that can't stand him. Them and their gullible readers.

Sandmano3427d ago

Completely agree their really annoying, this is a slap to the face to them.

Kos-Mos3426d ago

I can`t stand people that act like fools, especially when you`re supposed to be a good example for millions of kids that watches you play the worlds most popular sport.
I sincerely hope that you`re not one of those fools.

ProjectVulcan3425d ago

Xenophobic media?

That I guess and the million that saw him bite multiple players, try and squirm his way out of racism charges, punch the ball off the line to prevent a goal, flop about like a wet fish under a mild challenge etc etc

The guy is a talented footballer, and a bellend IMO.

Linwelin3425d ago

I agree with the biting, but come on the diving under mild challenges, what player doesn't do this anymore ?

It only seems to be acceptable for British players to dive without being bashed by the press, Bale is right up there with Suarez in the diving department, yet you never see him in the papers because of it, doesn't that seem odd to anyone else ?

krazykombatant3425d ago

Not a racist, "negrito" isnt a racist word. I would take a look at John Terry or his father for the definition of a racist.

I believe he got red carded and the player missed the penalty kick. Grow up vulcan.

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