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Manchester United reject Chelsea offer for Rooney as clubs clash over bid details


The Stamford Bridge club will have to up their initial offer to land the disgruntled England striker and have denied Juan Mata or David Luiz formed part of their initial offer.

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asmith23063430d ago

Take the cash utd. He is obviously past his passion for the club and now is the time you will get the most money for him.

b163o13430d ago

I don't know how you got a disagree on a good comment. I hear everyone from United claim they want a CR return, I don't see it happening without a Rooney sale...


pompombrum3430d ago

I'm a utd fan and think it's time to sell. Moyes comments about him playing second to Van P was obviously a test to see if Rooney has the drive and passion to prove him wrong and he failed miserably. At a club like utd, respect is earned and never given, if he spits out his dummy that easily, good riddance.

MajorLazer3430d ago

Sell Rooney. All he does is complain

KingPin3429d ago

i think its time to let rooney go.
he is still a good player but his character is starting to suck. its one thing to try and get a bigger contract, which he was given the before. now he's just whining.

windblowsagain3429d ago

He should goto a low end club and try to help them.

Ninjamonkey823429d ago

We don't sell talent to teams that will challenge us in the coming title race wasn't done under SAF shouldn't be done under DM. PSG may have a few quid to splash out?.