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Amazulu 2-1 Manchester City: Late penalty hands Pellegrini second defeat

Carlington Nyadombo's last-gasp penalty condemned Manchester City to their second consecutive defeat of pre-season after a lacklustre display in Durban against Amazulu.

Nyadombo calmy slotted in from 12 yards after Abdul Razak had hauled down Marc van Heerden to give the hosts a famous victory on the 95th birthday of national hero Nelson Mandela.

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neoragex3422d ago

Haha.. two successive defeats, good old city.

Dungus3421d ago

Pre-season friendlies are nothing more than raising fitness levels, the results are completely pointless.

b163o13420d ago

Yes, nothing more then raising fitness levels..

Scrivlar3420d ago

It also gives an impression of how performances may be in the future.

neoragex3420d ago

Still.. losing to a south african side.

Kos-Mos3420d ago

Shitty, a gang of players without soul.

Dungus3420d ago

@Scrivlar No it doesn't. If that was the case, Man City wouldn't have finished 2nd in the PL and Man U wouldn't have won it. Pre-season friendly results hold no bearing on anything other than how players' fitness levels are progressing.

@Neoragex Doesn't matter. Pointless, pre-season friendly. Unfit players, mass substitutions and reserve players getting run-outs. The results are 100% meaningless.

People who actually care about friendly results must be completely miserable all of the time.