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Manchester United given £100m for Bale and Fabregas

Manchester United are being linked with a sensational £100million double deal for Gareth Bale and Cesc Fabregas.

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wantedboys3425d ago

bale is going to Madrid :))

ProjectVulcan3423d ago

We'll see. I think that while Ronaldo is still at Madrid, they might find it difficult to get a player who seemingly doesn't want to move his young family out of the country.

Fabregas seems not entirely closed to the idea of United, preferring to stay in Barca, but only if he'll play lots. That is the key thing here, his head seems to have been turned because United are indeed showing huge interest and he knows he'll play constantly.

It will be difficult to get just one of them, let alone both.

If Barcelona accept the increased third bid- you know what? I'll think he'll see that as a sign to leave and not reject United. If they reject, then he ain't going anywhere of course.

Bale is something else, United don't like dealing with Daniel Levy as he is a pain. Is he worth the 60-70 million or so United might pay? In my opinion he is- he has the world at his feet and it would be a huge coup.

Lets see what happens. I think odds are United might get one of them, both is asking a lot....

arsenalfan3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

i don't think Fabregas will go to United and for bale Madrid will take him

Ninjamonkey823423d ago

I'm hoping for both players. But that's the fan in me my head tells me we are in for a tough ride on both players.