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Gerrard confident of Liverpool trophy challenge

The Reds skipper is pleased with his side's transfer business this summer and is optimistic that, with slightly more reinforcement, success is "around the corner"

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jak3y13oy3417d ago

i see them winning the Capital Cup or getting to the semis at least in the FA Cup!

ProjectVulcan3415d ago

Is that the corner Liverpool been turning for the past 23 years? That's one hell of a corner. Must be in a Nascar oval

fOrlOnhOpe573415d ago

Delusional at worst, hopeful at best. They wont get anywhere near the top four again Im afraid.And I would have to say Gerrard is a spent force from too many seasons carrying the club.

darren_poolies3415d ago

Could I borrow your time machine please?

fOrlOnhOpe573414d ago

Sure, no problem - just as soon as it returns from a week next Monday. Btw, feel free to use the on-board crystal ball - I didn't need it for my prediction lol ;-)

Linwelin3415d ago

If Suarez stays i think they have ever chance to do it, Bale supposedly going to RM arsenal cant buy a forward and manu have lost fergie, if there was ever a time it is this season for liverpool to get into the top 4 again.

silvacrest3415d ago

so if suarez gets injured or just doesn't want to play to his best, like hes been showing recently, liverpool are f*cked

Linwelin3414d ago

what ? he has played 30 minutes since he came back and in that 30 minutes he created 1 goal, Suarez isn't the be all end all of Liverpool though, they can play without him, they have Sturridge, and though i don't rate him at all Borini.

If Suarez stays the only thing i see Liverpool needing is a better RM downing is ok i see him more as a squad player though, Ibe has looked good so far, i wonder if he will get much game time ?

I would say this season is Liverpool's best chance.

fOrlOnhOpe573414d ago

You missed the most obvious reason for Fang to miss matches ....the length of bans and suspension .