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Guardiola unconcerned by Supercup defeat to Dortmund


The Spaniard lost his first competitive fixture in charge of Bayern Munich since taking over from Jupp Heynckes, but insists there were positives to be drawn from the performance.

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no_more_heroes3411d ago

Guess what Pep said about it being inexcusable if they did lose was just PR talk then.

asmith23063409d ago

Dortmund beat them for the wrong cup!

mmj3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Guardiola is not a tactician, he just teaches his team to play a certain way. It worked well for a while at Barcelona until they had forgotten how to do the basics (crosses, headers, basically anything where you risk losing the ball) and became one dimensional. By the end of his reign all Barcelona could do against tactically superior teams was pass the ball around the middle of the pitch waiting for an opening that never materialised.

Say what you like about the tactic of 'parking the bus' and counter attacking but Guardiola had no answer for it and got out swiftly when teams like Chelsea/Celtic succeeded with it.