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'Racists are threatened by Balotelli'

Italy's first black government minister speaks out against racism in the country and its football stadiums and backs the AC Milan star to rise above provocation

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KingPin3406d ago

you know whats funny
hate 1 white guy, its probably his attitude you dont like.
hate 1 black guy, you are a racist and dislike an entire ethnic group.

i dont like mario, his arrogance annoys the sh!t out of me. he is immature and acts like a grade school kid that still needs his parents to teach him things.

he isnt that great of a footballer either. with his attitude he thinks he is better than messi and CR7 put together when he should be lucky to be as good as messis baby toe.

and if i call him a monkey, im not referring to his entire race or other footballers like drogba, essien, evra, welbeck, richards, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sterling, young, etc.